Thursday, 16 June 2011

Just a little local colour..

Look to the right... Bit of a grey old day...
 Look to the left...........
Straight forward if you please..... The pub is just below and a little to the left....
The nottage Maritime Institute, is situated on the waterfront of my little home village.  It is a fantastic place where you can learn to build a dingy using traditional methods of working, look at the clamps that are holding the planks in place.
I think that these boats are called 'Stem Dingy's'.... please don't ask me what a 'Stem Dingy' is, I haven't got a clue, just love the process and thrilled that traditional skills are not being lost.
Every summer their is an exhibition of work by local artists which is always worth a look, this year my favorites were Alison Stockmarr - Textiles and Paper and Barbara Pierson - Painter.... Have a look at the homepage nottage-maritime-institute   you'll enjoy it I'm sure. 

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  1. Julie, this is so great; I would love to the traditional boat-building. What a beautiful place you live in!


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