Tuesday, 17 May 2011

'The fish wives' and the 'Weird and Wonderful Wood'

An event held at Haughley Park, Wetherden, Stowmarket last weekend.  I can't believe that I haven't been before.. Click on the link, it was wonderful, with everything from wood turners to a teller of tales, from paper making to a man making wood burners out of recycled bits from motor bikes and window latches - They had to be seen to be believed - Amazing...And they worked.  There was also a Juggler called 'Dan The Hat'  (do have a look at the link, so clever, he had everyone enthralled)  and a man carving with an 'axe'!!!
One of the best bits of the day....... I had the great pleasure of meeting the lovely, and very talented Rima Staines  and her partner Tom Hirons, who was charming.  I forgot my camera... Numpty!!!   Needless to say I haven't any photographs of Rima's wonderful work or of Tom's amazing leather masks.... Or of this truly wonderful day, so please take a look at the links, I have tried to find some pictures of Tom's work but have only found his website of poetry and tales to be told, which will have you all captivated I'm sure.  

So, together with great food, amazing musicians, craftsmen and women, and the many wonderful people whom we met..........you have my idea of a perfect day...  Oh!  almost forgot, there was a lovely man playing a 'Hurdy Gurdy' as we left to make our way home... A perfect ending, to a perfect day.

And if you have a chance of getting to the 'Weird and Wonderful Wood' next year... Drop everything, and go!
New art doll
'The Fish Wives'
It has been some time since I last made an art doll... Lost my enthusiasm.... Needed to explore other ways of seeing, so, inspired by Karen Mead  here is the first peek at my new work.
'They' are a work in progress... I love that expression, it means, "I haven't got the foggiest idea what to do next"....Nothing new there I hear you say...
Still got to tweak a few things, 'they' are coming along... As one might say, a work in progress... He! he!


  1. LOVE the new doll - and must go to the weird wood next year !!! x

  2. I sooo want to come some day to weird wood... I've been hearing about it for a few years from you folks over there. Sounds GREAT, and that it comes during bluebell time gives me a good idea of when to schedule a trip in the future.

    I like the doll, what a GREAT expression!

  3. Just wanted to say, love following your blog. Am so inspired by your art. Thank you for sharing with us.


  4. Julie, love your comment about a "WIP" too funny and so true! Your new art doll is looking fabulous!


  5. I just love the colours on these.. :)


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