Sunday, 17 April 2011

Holidays.. And a printmaker... Perfect.

We are off for a couple of days to the Isle of Wight, leaving our youngest in charge, he hasn't got a lot of work on at the moment but doesn't want to come away with us...  Understandable!

It is quite a shame really, he is desperately trying to finish his City and Guilds as a carpenter but has a few 'projects' to complete, but they are not forthcoming, even on a voluntary basis.. Anyone having a roof done or new stairs put in???? That could help him get his ticket? Wivenhoe area would be good...
Vanscape- Karen Mead

Northerly, Southerly - Karen Mead
So.... Off to the Isle of Wight,  I am hoping to meet up with artist Karen Meade She does the most amazing 'huge' relief prints... Can't wait .... She said that the kettle's on, I've just got to remember the biscuits.... Result!  Looking forward to meeting her....
Karen Mead


  1. Have a lovely time in the isle of wight. I will be thinking of you......x

  2. Hope you have a good time, you deserve a bit of TLC!!! xx's Joan


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