Sunday, 27 March 2011

An Art Doll giveaway - Who will it be?

I've been trying to decide which of my art dolls to give away, yesterday I took my grandson to the park and the seed of an idea was planted... I asked Reu which of my dolls I should  give to someone as a special gift, he chose 'Off to the Park', he said it was his favorite and his best.  So here is what my gift to one lucky winner will be....
"Hi,we are the twins, and we are... 'Off to the Park'. And this is our perambulator.. Our artist likes that word she says that it sounds so much better than pram!".
"Our artist has put one of her special labels on the bottom of our perambulator, so that you can remember who she was in a hundred years time...Long after she is gone and just a vague memory.... If we are looked after our artist say's we will be around for a hundred years, hopefully to become an heirloom within someones family".
A walk in the Park' is made entirely of papier mache then painted and finished with two coats of matt varnish to seal in the art work. The perambulator has been finished with vintage buttons, which are fixed into position, they do not turn.

To enter

Just leave me a "Hello", from wherever you live in this world, and I will pull out a winner on  April 1st.


  1. Hello from Germany Julie,
    perambulator is one of my favourite words too just like charabanc and ambulatory. These two would have pride of place near my plants and objects d'art, so I will hope......

  2. Eeeek, I thought I`d already said `Hello` on your previous post but it`s not showing up so here I am again. That perambulator is the sweetest thing I ever did see! Floods of memories whenever I look at it. So.....`Hello`,`Hello`,`Hello`....are you receiving me!

  3. What a dear set....I think it should come to the US to live... No one here would even think of the word perambulator ( I have a difficult time even spelling it)But I do like the sound of it. How sweet that Reu has a favorite...It must remind him of happy times with his Gram

  4. So cute! I would love to add these little cuties to my growing collection of art dolls in my studio. Have a great week!

  5. Hello Julie - long time no speak. The mismatched wheels are particularly good 8-) Fx

  6. I would love this! Not much hope as I'm not a winner but I can but try to send positive thoughts.
    Really enjoy your blog.

  7. Julie--Hello from very snowy, but beautiful Calgary Canada :)

  8. The 1e of april is in the Netherlands a day when we play tricks and fool each other...... but of course I want to win such a treasure........

  9. Hello from the north west, what a gorgeous piece of work, would love to give it a cosy home here. : )

  10. Hello Julie.....I am well at last....yay...I may even get to see you on a Wednesday soon, but at the moment am working flat out to get ready or my exhibition in early May....will send you an invite :o)
    Please put my name into your "hat" for the pram dolls....thank you xx

  11. Oh you are so very, very clever . How i would treasure a gift like that.........xxxxxxx

  12. I just left a Hello...but can't se it...I hope you get this one I love the dolls so please put my name in the hat Julie!
    I am well again after 6 weeks and frantically making and getting ready for my exhibition at the Minories in early May...shall be sending you an invite.
    Keep making your beautiful work,

  13. Hi from Kalamazoo, Michigan! Stopping by for the first time since OWOH. Lo and behold, I dropped in for a giveaway! Nice to see what you're up to again.

  14. Just came to see if you still had those sweeties for sale.. and I see the are in a Give Away.. OMG count me in the giveaway :)
    I wish my self a lot of luck ;)

  15. Hi Julie! I just found you and very glad that I did :) I LOVE your work, you make the kind of stuff that I wish I had made! I am so crossing fingers that I win the twins. If I do they will be travelling to the Netherlands to hang out with me, I dont have any windmill views for them but they will like the cheese :)

  16. Hello from Lancaster in the UK, I just love your dolls I think I would love to make them a tea set for a picnic on their next outing in the park!

  17. What fun! I love the word 'perambulator' - so rarely used these days.

  18. Hi Julie,
    I love this piece. I have boy/girl twins and this reminds me of when they were little babies. Of course they will always be babies to me even though they are 10 years old now. I would jump for joy if I was chosen to win this wonderful set. Listen...I think they are speaking. They are saying they want to come live with me in Normal, IL. : )
    Thanks so much for this generous giveaway,

  19. Hello to you! glad to find your page! Love your little figures and dollies!
    I live in Brea, way to describe us is that we are north of Disneyland, but still close enough to hear the fireworks every night!
    take care,
    cathy g


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