Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Morris Men... And their dog

The Morris dancers arrived, a Christmas treat here in Wivenhoe.  Although the weather was bitterly cold, many a brave soul ventured out to join in the festive cheer.
My favorite besides the dancing and the amazing music was the spotted dog, who opened his mouth to collect offerings as we enjoyed the merriment that held us captivated and transported to earlier times.  
(The dog was made of papier mache, if you open up the picture you will be able to see the torn paper).
The troupe danced so many different dances they danced continuously for over an hour.
Although the temperature hadn't got above freezing, the sun shone down upon us,  smiles all round, pints of beer from the 'Black Bouy'...
 More cheery smiles... hic.. 

If you want to see more visit a local blog /http://onionbagblog.com/tag/colchester-morris-men/ It is a good blog to visit.. There is a short film which is wonderful
and here..
http://www.colchestermorrismen.org/index.html the Colchester Morris blog.. great traditional music and songs as well as more about the Morris dancers.


  1. Hi Julie through your lovely creative work i feel am well on my way to becoming an experienced blogger just like you. Hope you have a look at my blog now and then as i am open to your comments. linda x

  2. Ahh, cheers for the link :) Returned the favour.

    The Morris Men were rather ace.


  3. What a fun event for Boxing Day (all we have here to celebrate Boxing Day are sales - and crowds of people looking for bargains - not fun!). I watched the video and you have to love the sound of those bells on their boots.

    Thanks for sharing Julie!



  4. Hi Julie... What fun! some friends went back to England a couple years ago... it's her childhood home... and brought back colorful stories of the Morris men..they even did a painting of them... I never knew about them before that.. Thanks for showing how much fun everyone is having.


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