Thursday, 9 December 2010

Beauty in decay...

 I almost hoovered it up..
 What a loss it would have been not to have photographed its beauty.
Yes! They are cobwebs.... I never professed to be a good housewife..


  1. Lovely. Beauty can be found everywhere!!

  2. They are so beautiful! They could make a palette for a new project. We had a German painter who kept drawing dried flowers, and wow! were they great! Horst Janssen is his name. He would have stolen these flowers.

  3. So Romantic x I tried to comment on the Oxfam thingy - but got sent around the houses with it all - so sorry did'nt comment x

  4. Just at the point where they turn to dust-flowers
    show their skeletal color and form. Like old women with good bones, they catch our eye right before they disappear. Thank you for that beautiful photo study.

    And remember, soft cobwebs protect the finish of furniture!

  5. I would love to paint this!

  6. I love old and decayed natural things too. So beautiful and just as inspiring as new and fresh if not more so.

  7. such tenderness in that last photograph


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