Thursday, 2 December 2010

Angels have their names... At last!

25cm x 25cm
'Angelica' - close-up

25cm x 25cm
'Angeline' - close-up

25cm x 25cm
 'Angelle'- close-up

What a task, who said art was an easy option?  Not only do I struggle with the painting, I have also been struggling to name these 'angels'.  It has taken me several weeks and thanks to all of the lovely ideas that you sent me, they now have their names. What would I do without all of your help and support...Thank you all.x


  1. Your angels are really beautiful! I've been away so just catching up. We are having a wet summer so far so it is very different to your cold weather. I hope you're surviving it okay - we keep seeing such icy photos on TV.

  2. Great images...knew some named Angelika once...this reminds me of her.


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