Friday, 26 November 2010

Protests in Colchester High Street...

 ...Over student university fees..
Approximately 2,000 students protested about the rise in student fee's on Wednesday in Colchester High St. I just happend to be in town with some time to spare.
There where so many police, even some mounted police, I was astonished!  The students were protesting peacefully, there was no trouble, they just wanted to let the local government officers know their grievances. 
I spoke to a few of the students  and asked them about their protest, most where very annoyed that the Lib Dem's had gone back on their pre-election promises, not to increase university fee's, but to go back on their word then to triple the fee's was outlandish. That's why most of them are so upset. 

After talking to some of these great young people, I was in admiration of them for orgainising their protest...  Twitter... need I say more.. I felt so old. 
It was so good to see young people with a little backbone willing to stand up and say what they believed in... 

Despite being intimidated a little by the police, I could hear them planning their next protest..... Good for them, I say..

Next item.... London

Yesterday hubby and I went to London, I had to see a specalist in Harley Street, which turned out to be quite stressful... enough said.

But we made the most of our day, with a little shopping in Oxford Street and a visit to Carnaby Street, which has changed beyond recognition since we last visited...Some years ago, I might add.  Still trendy. with lots of wonderful shops, selling bizarre and fashionable??? Stuff!... I think that I just got a little older.
 Carnaby Street
These did facinate me though, they were in a very expensive dress shop... What great masks, all hand stitched as far as I could tell through the window.
We also went to Hamleys, the famous toy shop to buy a gift for our grandson... We came out with a toy for our youngest instead... He is 22... And still loves toys.

We also went for a quick look in Liberty's....Always a joy.

Then a walk around Soho during the evening...Wow! what a place, it was buzzing, fantastic, I only wish we could have stayed longer... Just to sit and have a coffee and watch the people go by.

We also went to the Greenwich Maratime Museum, hubby's choice, a bit dissapointing, it was nothing in comparisom to the fantastic one in Falmouth, Cornwall.

The best thing  in the whole building... It is vast. was an exhibition of childrens toy boats, which was wonderful and worth the effort of visiting the museum, my photograh is rubbish...Taken 'illigally' through the glass cabinet.

After a l-o-n-g day yesterday... I am shattered, mentally and physically.

I was going to post the last angels... I shall do that sometime over the weekend... Get your thinking caps on I shall need two more names.

Have a good weekend everyone... And keep warm, it's freezing out there.


  1. Thank-you so, for the lovely tour...I love seeing a horse in uniform...they seem so powerful....the masks are much more interesting than the usual manikin face...loved the orbs that seemed to be floating between the buildings. The toy boats are inspirational...if I were a painter I would love to incorporate that look into a very nice to walk with you...prayers are being sent for whatever you had need of the medical visit...grace and peace

  2. Yes good on the Students x - Adore !!! the crochet masks !!!

  3. Love to read about your 'adventures' In London!

  4. love your ambitious and artistic work.Can't wait to see what you will do next. Linda Wilks


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