Tuesday, 19 October 2010

'Remember me' - A Christmas angel

 'Remember me'
This is not like my recent work it is a development of the installation
'A Common Thread' that I made earlier in the year.  


I wanted to make an art doll... An angel, that was slowly hand stitched with needle and thread, allowing my thoughts to circle, while trying and make sense of them as I stitched.  She has no features to her face just the words 'remember me', she didn't need a face, just memories.

This little angel has sections of the poem 'Remember me' stitched about her body it was written by Christina Rossetti 1830-1894.  It starts
Remember me when I am gone away, 
Gone far away into the silent land...
I have chosen this poem for it is very dear to my heart, it is a beautiful poem about love and loss, if you read it you will understand, if you know my story you will understand it a little more.
She is made of quilters muslin which has been tea stained, vintage lace, metal shim... a small piece from an old hymn book and an old button.... A lenght of Ribbon. On the back of her golden wings is a piece of an old song book with the hymn 'Away in a manger'.
The angel is a weighted sitter doll this means that she can sit on a shelf un-aided.

The angel also has a piece of ribbon that can be been looped under her wings for hanging, this can be easily removed if the ribbon is unwanted.

  We all have angel's in our lives that we love and sometimes loose
....this is a little angel dedicated to their memory.


  1. Your little Angel is just too beautiful for words - a real treasure xx

  2. SO very special, unique and beautiful. I appreciate the explanation you gave too, it adds
    a lot to this lovely piece.


  3. Oh wow! I love your art doll. Absolutely gorgeous and so very special :o)

    Carolyn xo

  4. What a beautiful story and angel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. She's adorable - I love the sentiment because I just lost my father a couple of weeks ago. Remembrance is a good thing.

  6. This is such a lovely object. The type you get pulled to, to get to know better. -J

  7. hallo Julie this is lovely ,so unique and so special.how is the printing going?
    hope you 're getting on ok mandy

  8. Hi Julie,
    The simplicity of your art doll is perfectly angelic!
    Love Her!

  9. Hi Julie,
    Lucys Loft is doing pretty good. I just sold a vintage pair of small binoculars. It's really a way for me to rationalize my junking habit. Love those thrift shops. I always think I'll use the item in some art, and I never do. Thanks for keeping in touch.

  10. Oh, so beautifull Julie..
    I for one, would like to know a little bit more about you..
    I must come over to visit you some day.. that would be lovely :-)

  11. And how is it going with your studio?
    The work in progress hasn't worked for a while now.. did you finish it allready?

  12. I really love that you created the angel with deep personal reflection! I may try something like this myself!
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. j'aime cette installation.. nous sommes tous des anges!


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