Friday, 8 October 2010

Oil on paper.. looking a little strange at the moment...

3 Angels...A work in progress

I found some water colour paper at the back of the cupboard, stuck some tissue from a dress making pattern on it... The dressmaking is not going so good... then gesso and now oil paint, but like all paintings they take time to develop, the tissue adds a texture which is lovely to work on.  It's also nice working on something small, they are only small about 10" square.  I shall post an update in a couple of day's the oil paint is taking an age to dry in the damp weather.

This little fellow is off to visit Cindy for the Thimbleprims' 2010 Handmade Holiday Ornaments Swap... Have fun on your Christmas tree little elf.


  1. Although still in progress, the faces of your angels are so impressive!
    The winter elf is very sweet!

  2. HI Julie - have you painted on wood panel yet?? Just curious! I used to collage all kinds of paper and jute, etc. to the panels before I my imagery called for the smoothest of surfaces. Good luck with drying oils in wet weather!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the little paintings done and I'm really lovin' the holiday ornament!

    Have a great weekend!



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