Thursday, 19 August 2010

Open Studios 2010... I'm number 64

This is my entry for...
Colchester and Tendring Open Studios 2010

64 Julie Howe
Wyvern House 
Painting · Printmaking
Textiles · Art Dolls
A mixed-media artist.
18/19 Sept pm
02/03 Oct pm

I'm quite excited about the Open studios now, it means that I shall have to have another tidy up and do a bit of housework, but hey! its a small price to pay for two weekends of meeting wonderful and like minded people....if anyone wants to visit just drop me a line and I will email the Open Studio's booklet.


  1. Julie...Good luck love the face..Congrats..


  2. Open Studios can be very fun. I have been included at different times/places in my life. Have fun networking! -J

  3. Hi Julie Hopefully coming to visit your studio!!! I got the booklet from a recent trip to Cuckoo Farm.

    Best of luck for your two weekends. Joan

  4. congratulations and have lots of funnnn !


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