Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Collagraph lessons at Cuckoo Farm

Alan Brown was the tutor... with a welcome..... just call me Al...

A great tutor with a VERY dry sense of humor... He said... that he wanted us to try 'anything' to make our collagraph plates and have fun experimenting, not to be too precious...and that making a mistake could be the best thing that we achieved that day... I liked this man.

So first up we made some experimental plates... Like nothing I had done before... Mine consisted of cardboard, glue, metal shim, a fern leaf, fabric and tissue... oh and a bit of sandpaper...
These are the prints from my experimental plates... Cyan ink.. I love it, and I was pleased with my prints

We also printed the plates that we had previously made at home.
'Beach huts'
The 'beach huts' were inked up with oil paint mixed with a medium which changes it into ink..??? I'd never heard of it so it was worth a try... quite a fun result.
'View across the river'
... loving the cyan ink
...Which I was thrilled with.

I had a grand day...  loved every moment, met the wonderful 'Dry Al' also a fascinating lady called Julia  who taught art in London, a creative lady called Alex, who had made some fantastic collagraph plates without touching glue, and a chap called Steve who was a bird watcher... he said that my rook was a partridge... I don't know what he means...???  It is what I say it is! .......... Maybe it's a bit like a partridge. Shhhhhhh....

I am desperately seeking an etching press
 If anyone has one or knows of one that is for sale please email me....
Thank you


  1. It all looks amazing - glad you met Al - wish I'd been there !!!

  2. Love your prints julie, some great textures here. Always fun learning something new.


  3. Your prints are wonderful Julie! Btw, did you ever get some collard greens?

  4. Julie....omg those are amazing..wow..How did you do it? Im blown away love the cyan also.

    smiles xox

  5. I really enjoyed visiting your blog. You have a great sense of the quirky. I like quirky. I am in the early stages of doing printmaking too with all the attendant problems with inking up etc. Keep up the good work.

  6. These are just wonderful, and I like your hybrid Rook (partridge). Sounds like you had a fantastic time.
    The cyan is such a nice colour! And the beach huts just perfect! Especially now that we're at the end of summer here in the Sunny South... nice memories.
    Take care.

  7. Hi Julie, so pleased you visited me and that I've found you and those wonderful collographs. I've yet to read more but I think I'm going to like it. I was completely overwhelmed in that shop of fabrics and beading. I bought a few small pieces of fabric from wedding dress material, heavily beaded and all silvery and white. Quite gorgeous, possibly useless but I vaguely thought I may be able to incorporate them into book covers, and if not I have two small grand daughters who would love to play with them.

  8. Hello + thanks for your comment + for introducing me to your blog... - when I saw the faces of the guys in your header, I was glad I had come right away - will be back...

  9. Hi, I've just started following your blog. I love your quirky figures. There is so much texture and energy in your work.

    Jenny www.hillandatree.com

  10. Julie,

    What an awesome job on your prints!! I love the Rook too!


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