Thursday, 12 August 2010

Art exchange... and a little trouble with the Zerkall

... at Firstsite

A few days ago Firstsite had an art exchange... I had completely forgotten that it was happening.  My brain...

The idea was to take in a piece of your work, a photo, a muffin, a drawing, anything.... that you wanted to give away, in in exchange you could swap it for a piece of work by the two artists taking part.

So there is me walking past the gallery and the penny drops!!!  I have nothing with me to offer in exchange... or so I thought.

In my basket I had some crochet that I have been working on just like this.. not much of an exchange I thought... but the artists were keen...
So I swapped this...for...
An amazing piece of evidence, from the case of ...
'The Shocking Truth behind Goldies Deprived Childhood'
Sue is exploring the stories behind myth, fairytales and modern culture.
 by Sue Bridgeman

It is a beautiful ceramic spoon and I can't get over how lucky I am to own it, it is a treasure and I love it, I definitely got the better exchange. Thank you Sue. I am thrilled.

Print update
 Zerkall, the lady in the art supplies shop said, she sold a lot of it to other lino print makers, worth a try I thought, it's relatively cheap and it looked and felt so lovely in the shop... Now, I am having a little trouble with this Zerkall paper, I soaked it for 5 minutes then dried it between blotting paper as usual.... it keeps sticking and fibers lift off. I got one good print out of EIGHT!

I shall try it with a monoprint later today to see if that works better.  Perhaps I shouldn't have damped it down???........ HELP!!

The one print that I'm happy with...


  1. Lovely print, Julie!! Good luck with the technical stuff.... and the spoon you got for the trade is great.

  2. Love the lines.. I know I have said that before but I have a thing for beautiful lines ..

    and I am envious of the spoon too.. it must feel wonderful

  3. Wow what a lovely swop - shame i missed it !!!

  4. Hello Julie, love your blog. Have you tried using the Zerkall paper dry or perhaps with just a lightly dampened j cloth behind it?


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