Thursday, 15 July 2010

'The love that's all around me....'

The wind is telling me something... 'And so the feeling grows....'

It just fluttered down to my feet.


  1. How wonderful... Lucky you

  2. in Dutch we say this is 'heartwarming'....don't know if it also is an English expression.....

  3. Wow! First the bread and now the leaf. Wonderful! (I think you should keep your eyes open for a heart shaped stone now - I just know it is out there waiting for you to discover it)


  4. Today I got the best surprise ever ,
    Alice and the white Rabbit dolls.
    I LOVE THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will be taking photos of your beautiful dolls with the rest of my Alice in wonderland collection :)
    did I tell you that I LOVE THEM !!!!!!!

    Thank you so very much :)

  5. It's the best type of sign! -J

  6. And you just spread the love around don't you?
    I am just in love with my Audrey!!!!!!! THANKYOU so much for this beautiful gift Julie... You can visit her on my blog...

    big hugs from Audrey and I

  7. Saw your name on atticbabys, and come over for a visit. Wow all the hearts, you are definately being told to include some hearts in your life!


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