Friday, 4 June 2010

Who is this little fellow?

"I can see you peeping" 
"Don't look at me" said the little chap"
"Are you coming out to see us? Why don't you come out from
behind that sail?" The artist asked.
"I'm a bit frightened, I might come out ...later ..." he replied
"Could you tell us your name?" asked the artist..
"You haven't given me one yet......" he replied looking a little sad..


  1. hello julie
    this is grace from happy to
    turn you toward Barry Lopez...really really
    wonderful mind. when i "get a little lost" about
    life, i go back to his writing and remember.
    YOUR work here with these beings is magnificant!
    i love them. When you visited windthread, did
    you go back to my beginning where there is a
    picture of the "doll" beings i made for years?
    i miss them in a certain way, but am totally
    engrossed in Jude Hill's spirit cloth.
    Thank you for leaving me a message and i will
    come here often....

  2. I LOVE these figures! And their beautiful boats!

  3. This is just too it!

  4. Oh so whimsical !! Shy little guy!!!

  5. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    Well, I was curious... so I followed you home from Grace's... and glad I did.

  6. I love the theater... reminding me of the wonderful paper Victorian children theaters. Perhaps a very long name will help him get over his stagefright? -J


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