Monday, 7 June 2010

Raffle Prize Draw!!!

Update...Alice and the White Rabbit 
will be one of the prizes.


..To enter a grand raffle... There will be
On the 9th of July I have been blogging for exactly one year, so to celebrate both my blog and all of the wonderful new friends that I have made, I am having a 1st birthday raffle... Anyone can to join in, just link me to your blog/website and hey presto...LEAVE YOUR NAME ETC. ON THIS POST
Please leave your name and contact address... or how else will I find you?
The cut off time is midnight on the 8th July 2010 GMT. Any later than that and your entry will not be entered.
What I shall be giving away is another matter ??? I shall have put on my thinking cap....Are you curious yet?
Names will be put into the draw and the winners will be published on my blog birthday July 9th 2010.


  1. Oh Julie please, please put my name in your raffle! Janine from cloth and clay dolls group (the one who sent you the paper clay if that helps!) You can contact me there but I believe you have my email addy? This is exciting, to possibly win one of your!

  2. :) me me me please enter me in the raffle :)

  3. Congratulations! I'm not even through part of a year yet but it's a great idea to have a giveaway to celebrate. You can reach me at my blog at

  4. Oh Julie! Please ethrow my name in the hat! I would love to win! It would be a celebration alright! You're blog birthday and my wedding anniversary, all wrapped up in the same glorious day.

  5. Hi Julie. I love your work and am following you on my own blog I would love to own another of your dolls, so please put me in your blog raffle :)

  6. Hello Julie

    Of course I am in.. I am leaving a link to your blog (should have done that a long time ago :-/)

    I tried the google translater my self, and it does work when I tried.. that is really a bit weird..

    About the bracelet, they are buttons, and I don't know what it is called the way I made the braclet, but I attached the buttons throug the holes on the back. Nice huh.. Recycling :-) we like it.

    And the song, that is a danish group, I just love that tall hansom guy. I wrote about a small intim concert I went to, I was standing close up front to the scene som 6 years ago.. Like a goffy teenager.. drooling.. :-)
    The song makes me so happy when I am down, I should remember it more often.

    Maybe it is just tempory with the translater.. I hope, wouldn't want you to miss out of something on my blog..

    hugs to you and a beautifull day too...

  7. Pick me! Pick me!

    Has it been a year? Wow. Time does fly when having such fun! Here's to many more wonderful blogyears to come!



  8. Oh yes! I am curious!

    ......and, I also want to be entered in your draw! What fun.

    I will post a blog about this draw on my blog shortly (still trying to rest my wrist as much as possible).



  9. Are you serioisly giving those cuties away?
    Count me in ! I love those games.

    I also love miette!A real cutie with bright colours.

  10. Throw my name in the hat too please :)
    I put a link to your drawing on my bloggity.

  11. not just a giveaway, but a mystery too! yeah, i'm curious. i posted a link to your blog, and visited your etsy store. i am seriously trying to see how money looks this friday when i get paid. i love "hide & seek", but there's another piece I think is calling me. back on friday, hopefully with some spending money!
    thanks for the giveaway & your art.
    happy wednesday, joanie

  12. What fun!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAse put my name in the hat too?!!! thankyou!

  13. Me,me,me!! ;)
    You're already in my musings of magic and wonder list! Is that cheating?

  14. Very interesting work- I like it. A lot. And, I love, love Alice in Wonderland, so enter me in, and look for the link on my blog...


  15. Julie, Please count me in too...your work is just divine. Whatever you decide to include for the giveaway would be a treasure.


  16. How exciting!! I'm linking you in, Julie! I am Kit from I found you through Jill at Untieribbons! I will visit often as I love your blog makes me smile. Fabulous work! Congrats on your first year....I am working on my first Month! Hugs, Kit

  17. Hi Julie!

    Congrats on your first year....I am working on my first MONTH! Please sign me up. I am and found my way here through Jill's blog at untieribbons. I love your blog! It makes me smile. Thank you for that! Kit B

  18. I should read directions! congrats again!!

  19. How nice of you to give away your beautiful dolls. They are so interesting and have such character. I enjoyed visiting your studio. Cheers Cathy

  20. OH Yes! Please enter me in your giveaway! Love all your creations! Thanks!

  21. Hey, I thought I had left a note here...
    Glad I came back to check that it did not 'stick'!
    Please put me in the hat!
    I am curious about this, and the other work you do that you don't focus on in this blog, but we see glimpses of.
    I will put you under my linkers-- I'm thinking that's what you mean?

    Can't wait to see the 'trophies'!

  22. Thrilled to be included... your work is wonderful! Happy Blog-birthday! :)
    durovchic (at) comcast (dot) net

  23. Hi I am Kailee from
    a newcomer to all things odd and doll online. They've been in my head for some time, though just beginning to manifest. I found you through someone else's blog on one of my many trawlings. I have really enjoyed exploring your blog. Count me in!!

  24. me,me,me,me,me,me....pleeeeaaase.
    What a wonderful giveaway.
    AND I have added you to my blogroll.

  25. This would definitely be something wonderful to win. Thanks, bonnie

  26. I just found your very wonderful blog and a prize drawing already....congratulations!!! and please put my name in the hat!!

  27. I want to be part of it!!
    Martha (Ayala Art)

  28. I'd love to be included in your draw. I'll be adding you to my RSS feed so I don't miss any of your cute dolls! And I'll be back later to have a good look around your blog. Glad to meet you!
    Mary Anne

  29. Count me in! I'm linking you up! I can tell you have had a fun year,and much to celebrate!


  30. What a beautiful Alice and white Rabbit! I would love it if I was the fortunate one to be pulled to win the Alice in Wonderland dolls. They are absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!
    Lots of prosperity and luck on your second year!!!


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