Thursday, 13 May 2010

Back on the steep learning curve...

Not one but two courses..

'Contemporary Craft' linking traditions skills to contemporary craft.  We have a wonderful tutor - Karen Risby you can see her work here.. 

We have been exploring different media..drawing with out looking, just focusing on the subject, 5 second drawings then developing them into clay studies, batik, pen, print, next week is all easy stuff but the ideas and how to apply them is priceless.

The second class is called 'Art Life' - Discover more about how collections, hobbies and interests can be seen as art.... Once again I have a wonderful tutor Cinzia Cremona, she works in film a whole new area for me.. You can find an interview with Cinzia here.. * Some of her work is not for the faint hearted ...but if you are curious....The interview is well worth the read.

Cinzia has been helping me to develop the thinking behind my work, which has been quite difficult at times, am I an artist or a crafts person?? Do the areas cross over??/ (I have had to use 'the old grey cells which seem to be working in slow motion')

I am hoping it will help me develop my work.  She is even trying to get 'my installation' shown for the first time here are a few pictures for you...

'A Common Thread'

Each of the figures are made from cloth and clay over 100 in all.
They are all made from the same cereal box pattern, cloth and clay, sand and wadding.
They all have scar's - All have a common thread.

This installation has been a labor of love ...
..A very cathartic process..

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  1. Very much like the installation... love the simple facial features on these!! I'm assuming you know of the artist, Magdalena Abakanowicz? If not, have a look... I love her installations, a lot larger than yours, and a little more "edgy", but there is a relationship.

    On the subject of if you are an craftsperson or an artist.... interesting thing to explore. Since I encourage and in fact require my students to research and use a variety of materials, sometimes the materials and techniques they choose are in the "craft" realm. I think for me the determining factor of what is art and what is craft is the depth of story, exploration of ideas and concepts behind the work. And, does the form of the work support the concept? How successful is the maker at TRANSFORMING the material into something that transcends the material? There are quilts that work really well for keeping one warm, and then there are quilts that work so amazingly with color and pattern that they are both utilitarian AND astonishing art. Its such and interesting idea- and, wow, I could go on and on... I won't! But its definitely something I think about since I teach mixed-media classes....

    Good luck with that question!


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