Tuesday, 18 May 2010

It's a bit wibbly wobbly..

What can you do with an old cereal packet and some wire..... ?

At the moment it looks like a demented tree and the beginnings of a moomin or one of the clangers..or maybe a flump?? (vintage children's TV ) 

I'm off on my courses again today, maybe I'll be inspired....?


  1. Hi Julie
    Just wanted to tell you that I am feeling great :-).
    My last blognote was about something happening 4 to 5 years ago. A friend did end up beeing mad at me for standig up to her about something importnant to me.
    That was grazy .. but that what hurt the most was that she did not allow my daugther and hers to keep beeing bestfriends..
    That was hard, mostely also becourse they did share the same school and we where naighbours.

    My blogpost was about me wondering what makes people wanting revenge.. I do not get it.
    yes I sometimes I too think about getting even with someone, but I never act it out.. It would be like a bad hollywood movie :-)

    Now I wonder, having so many english speeking friends on my blog, maybe I should blog in english to?

    take care

  2. Well I have now joined and started a blog! What are you responsible for?? lol. Anyway name you forgot is Gary Reef on ning. Have fun and be inspired. CU next week xxx's Joan Glen-Martin

  3. Its that mad woman from your First Site course. Name you could not remember is Gary Reef on ning. Have fun and I've started a blog on here. CU next week xxx's Joan

  4. Not sure what part of the above is the cereal packet, but I'm really liking it!


  5. Hi Julie! Thanks so much for your note on our blog, regarding the "seelen der freude" series that I am working on. Your Wyrd heads are just lovely! Ohhh, those eyes and the soft, quiet expression! Daryle


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