Sunday, 30 May 2010

How did I get to this age?

Who's that in the mirror.
Has someone changed the clocks.
My's not blonde.....almost white!
Lines around my eyes...must be tired...
That can't be my face...

A nightmare. I'm sure... Am I lost?
I need lists, though to be honest  I've needed them for years.
Remember names..I can't... I've got glasses!!!
Time it's too fast...
A merry-go-round...Can I get off.........
My friends are wearing sensible shoe's... and a scarf.

Husband has wrinkles
"Have you looked in the mirror"
Who is that old girl looking back?
It was last year......I remember....
Long skirt, Biba.. A maxi cape... mum made...
Radio Caroline...
John Peels' dulcet tones...
'Ride A White Swan'...Marc Bolan...I'm in love...
What happened?
How did I get to this age?


  1. Julie, all I know is that the alternative to 'getting to this age' is not good *smile*

    Embrace the white hair and the wrinkles and continue to rock that Biba long skirt and cape!


  2. Dear Julie,
    I know! It's an amazing thing how our bodies age but our minds don't. There are times I feel so childlike in my mind but my body just can't relate. Enjoy each moment and make each moment matter.
    Blessings and happiness,

  3. My thoughts entirely - only, it seems, I was 35 and then 20 years had passed!! Where did the time go? Like your header picture, Julie.

  4. Aaaah, Ride A White Swan!! I love that song!
    Those wrinkles you see are fun times had and lessons learned, a map of your glorious life!!!


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