Thursday, 1 April 2010

Slow bread

I have made bread regularly for a long time... and hardly ever buy a squiggie 'shop' loaf.  I make it all by hand, I don't have a bread machine, because I love the feel and find it theraputic and peacefull kneeding my dough.
I have had some success and some terrible failures over the years, making all sorts of 'flavors', poppy, sunflower, linseed, flax, sesame, and a few other seeds, sun-dried tomato, (fresh tomato which is not good to look at, goes into holes where the tomato colapses, but has a great flavor).  Cheeses of many kinds, honey, carrot, courgette/zucchini the list goes on, mainly on what is in the cupboard, garden or fridge. 
I can still manage to burn a loaf and sometimes the yeast forgets to work and the bread is terrible... probably my fault using water that was a bit too warm for the yeast.. the least said the better.

So after... yet another... lets say 'creation', I decided to try a new tactic...SLOW BREAD....Sourdough.
Only a teaspoon of yeast for the initial starter... then no more.  It can't go wrong... Well that's the plan

This is my starter, I've kept it going for two weeks now... apparently there are starters for bread over a hundred years old they are passed down through families, part of their heritage.. how amazing is that?  

I don't think that my son or daughter would be too impressed when my will is read.. can you imagine.. "and now the bequest for Nicole and David... a jar of sourdough starter.... " I would love to see their faces...well I have told them that I'm going  'SKI'ing (spending the kids inheritance) some time in the future....
Anyway lets get back to the bread, it has a good firm texture and a wonderful flavor, it keeps well for up to four days.. apparently..... mine hasn't made it that far, yet.  Another good thing it is very cheap to make.. which is always good in my book.
If anyone is interested, I can post my easy version of making a Sourdough loaf.
This is what is left of the loaf I made yesterday afternoon...It looks like I shall be making more soon....


  1. That look yummy I love all kins of bread. Just popped over to say Thank you for joining my giveaway on the Bunny Hop. Sorry you didn't win this time, Please come and join when I have my next one.

  2. ""and now the bequest for Nicole and David... a jar of sourdough starter."

    LOL this made me chuckle.

    Your sourdough bread looks amazing. I envy you that you make your own bread. I made two loaves years ago and that was it. I do purchase artisan type breads from the bakery however *grin*


  3. I love sourdough bread right from the oven. A bread machine doesn't even fit into my vocabulary either. UGH!!!
    Gosh I wish you were here in the US or Visa Versa. If you look at my art work you will see my block prints too.

  4. Hi Julie, I just arrived via Sherrie York's Brush and Baren. I would love to have your recipe for the sour dough starter and your bread. I also make my own bread - mostly whole wheat - but sour dough is better tasting (IMHO) made with some white flour.

    I also agree about a bread machine. How do you know when the dough "feels right" if it is all done inside a machine? Also, if you happen to feel like punching someone or something tis so much better to punch a ball of bread dough. :-D

    Lindy in AZ, USA

  5. Wow - i would love the recipe !! how exciting - i have no room in my kitchen for a bread machine - so i'd like to have a go -Thanks


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