Friday, 30 April 2010


"My name is Grace.. I am the third sister to be finished...
...I look after lost souls.
My work is simple any soul that is lost can find me..
 ... I will love and look after them until it is their time.
I keep them close, their faces may change
but their love is always with me... "
Grace is a sitter doll made of quilters calico filled with sand and wadding she has been painted with artist acrylics and has been finished with vintage buttons.. her arms can be positioned.

Grace has one of my original labels, signed with her name and mine, she has been finished with two coats of matt varnish.

Thank you all for waiting and for leaving such encouraging comments. 
I truly appreciate you taking the time to write.   
I hope you like Grace now that I have finished her... Julie


  1. She is just absolutely beautiful! Have a great weekend.

  2. A perfect blog to visit before I start my day. May I be inspired by beautiful Grace and carry it inside me today too!! I am making dolls today too!!

  3. oh my god i love this one

    I put the link of your blog in mine


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