Tuesday, 9 February 2010

My Queen of Hearts

When I started working on the Cloth and Clay challenge for The Queen of Hearts my first instinct was...That'll be a doddle... I love Alice in Wonderland, I know the story, how does it go......................? For the life of me I couldn't remember. You know how is is when your brain goes on a holiday and has forgotten to tell you......

So having found a copy of the book...I have several copies of Alice, and I should know the story off by heart.....an hour or two later, I was ready. Sketch book to the ready...(I thought this lady was going to take a couple of days at the most... need I say more). Five days later and so many scribbles and scrunched up drawings I at last had an idea or two.

I wanted her to be regal and aloof....Queenly. I wanted to include some of the stories from the book.. plenty of those to choose from...So I made a start... with my pattern, a cereal box to be precise.
It was so hard to get that regal pose, I did so many drawings and made several patterns before I was happy with her somewhat aloof pose.

The pack of cards was fun to do tumbling from under her dress.

Her little golden crown (made with fabric and gold leaf) comes off to reveal... A bald head.... no surely..... it's a head of roses....her rose garden.
The Mad Hatter and the dormouse are there too.
The White Rabbit is running a bit late and is not sure whether to stay or vanish down the rabbit hole.
A queen posing for her portrait pictures... Looking rather regal I hope.

The Cheshire Cat, Alice and the flamingo's are in the rose garden on the front of her dress.

Well I hope that you like her Royal Highness..The Queen of Hearts.


  1. Yes I was curious about you, and here I am delighted to have found you! Fantastic Queen!

  2. This doll is amazing. I love her skirt tails and the wee characters hiding there.

  3. She's fantastic! The painting is superb! Fabulous doll!

  4. Oh what an extraordinary job you've done!
    It is fantastic!

  5. Oh my! This is absolutely amazing! LOVE your Queen of Hearts - what a very artistic statement she makes!


  6. She's exquisite! What a lovely blog you have here!

  7. She is wonderful Julie.. What a great job you did on her.. and really nice painting..
    lovely :-)

  8. Love her! And especially the rabbit painted on her skirt. Great blog - glad I discovered you! (I make art dolls too)

  9. Julie, she is amazing!! I love her! I also just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment on my Anthropomorphica dolly blog!!!

  10. It's absolutely beautiful ♥


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