Thursday, 31 December 2009

Harlequin fish

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"My artist has asked 'me' to pose for you first, she said that the others must wait for 'their day' as today was to be mine".
The harlequin fish was so pleased to be chosen for the first proper photography session. She kept walking about on the tablecloth which was draped over the little coffee table out in the conservatory... it was the only place which was bright enough on this cold, grey and damp day.
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"My artist is saying" 'keep still' "while she takes my photographs", 'please harlequin, stop wiggling about, your like a fish out of water....... well I suppose that is exactly what you are.......... right, please turn a little to the right....perfect..... now I shall take a picture of your fin..........your brick work and planking are looking good ... and I'm very pleased with your scales, they are beautiful shades of green and blue'... "she continued chattering away to me, 'a little to the left now' I'm sure that she expected me to answer her, I was too busy posing for my photographs". 'Please keep still just for a few moments the artist gently asked, I need a photo of your stern, please turn around',"but I say how can a girl keep still when its her 'fishwalk' debut?"
(The Harlequin has gone to live in Santa Fe)
"Well I'm finished, and I'm off to see my fishy friends...... my clothing has been designed and painted many times, and my varnish is now quite dry. My artist seems very pleased with the results, she says that she now has to find somewhere or someone to buy me. I wonder where I shall move too?.......

The fish walked off with great dignity before I could show you her wonderful feet...... another day perhaps........

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  1. Harlequin Fish is Fabulous! And her attitude definitely fits her fabulousity! Wonderful

    Happy New Year to you!


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