Monday, 23 November 2009

"I'm in a bit of a pickle, shiver me timbers"

The fish continued ..........."I'm not sure what 'my artist' is up to... I now have two sets of legs what on earth is going on?" the fish enquired.

To be honest the artist doesn't quite know what's happening either. I could be loosing the plot here, two sets of legs seemed a good idea when I was at the sketch book stage.

I am also wondering if anyone will actually want to buy one of my anthropomorphic fish or am I on a road to nowhere..... that sounds like a tune......... shame that I can't sing.

Have a good Monday everyone


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  1. Not sure what to say, but I do like the snazzy socks the fish is wearing and why not. keep warm and dry, love from Carol.
    ps . mum (89) and internet HELP!


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