Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Languard Fort

Last Sunday we went to visit the Landguard Fort in Felixtowe, Suffolk. We went to see an art exhibition at the fort, a lovely lady that I met while doing some voluntary work with the museums service, Margaret Wyllie has a large installation there as part of the exhibition.
We were impressed by Margaret's work, she had taken letters from the soldiers that had been stationed there made copies, laminated, cut and knitted these words into 'mantles' (a type of protective curtain used to protect the soldiers from the blast of these massive gun emplacements). It was a lovely touch to have snippets of the letters to read, which brought it all to life.
Have a look at the links to the Landguard Fort on Margaret's website its well worth a visit

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  1. I love her paper works, they are amazing .


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