Monday, 13 July 2009

Free Art

ART FOR NOTHING - Thursday 2nd July 2009

Does this happen In this day and age something that is given freely without a monetary exchange, what was going on?

Something different did happened in Wivenhoe last night, artists were giving away their art FREE at The Falcon Wall, Wivenhoe High Street.

A few artists gave away some of their art work completely free, and what an experience it was, the artists approaching the public as they were walking down to the waterfront asking them if they liked art, and whether they would like a piece of art for free, most people were quite surprised and thought there was a catch, no catch, the only request was to pose for a photograph to create a record of the event.

The artists qave away their art to stimulate peoples interest and to cause an interaction between artists and the public, it turned out to be quite a party with all ages completely surprised and stimulated by the event, all sorts of questions were asked, who was the artist? how was this piece created? which way up does this go?

The outcome to this event many happy people walking around Wivenhoe with pieces of original art, not mass produced 'stuff' but original works by artists that they had met that evening, a good experience for artists and 'customers' alike.

If you want to see photos of this strange and astonishing event which we all enjoyed have a look at then go to 'Is and Next' its easy to follow the links to 'Wivenhoe'.

I now have the privilage of owning a piece by the late Alan Smith, a pencil drawing of a nude, which I love.....


  1. Great post ,looked at the pics and love the idea. wish some one could do it in California USA I would participate.

  2. Thankyou for your support Rafael, this is all new to me so I'm adjusting the site quite a lot at the moment please bare with me.

    Free Art was a great event, and we shall be doing it again, if you want to start it off in California just email, apparently he is very approachable and is keen to get others involved

    We were just three friends who thought they'd have a go, nothing to loose but a lot to gain.

  3. Julie I wish I could write to him the thing is I am extremely dyslexic and because of this I write small sentences and my spelling gramer is horrible some people are put off.

    I do belong to it is a community of artist . I will ask if I can post
    about this and if there is anyone in my area of the state that would like to do it :)
    will let you know and will try to write to Richard

  4. Rafael
    "Hi Five"
    My advice is to just write to him explain that you have dyslexia and if he's worth his salt he will reply, apparently he is very approachable so don't worry.
    Here in the UK dyslexia is begining to have less of a stigma, Richard Branson of the Virgin Company is doing his bit and talks openly about his dyslexia.

    You have nothing to loose,
    and everything to gain
    Your talent is your wings
    Take a leap
    And fly


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